6 Tips To Get Super Shredded and Ripped

So you want to be able to hit the beach this summer super ripped and lean?

Well now you can if you follow these tips:

Bodybuilding isn’t as hard or as complicated as many people like to think. They tell you that you need to have super genetics or that you must spend hundreds of dollars per month on supplements. However if you apply the 6 tips I am about to share with you, you will be able to get results quicker than ever before.

Step 1. You have to start moving right away. It doesn’t matter how much muscle you have, if its covered in fat no one will be able to tell. So start running. In my opinion sports is the best form of cardio. Such as basketball and tennis. Football players are often really lean and one of the keys of the Cristiano Ronaldo diet is cardio.

Step 2. In order to truly look ripped and defined, you need some muscle definition. The only way to build muscle is to hit the gym and start weight training. Try to stick with compound exercises such as Deadlifts and squats. Building muscle will burn more calories as well.

Step 3. Eat the right foods in the right quantity. Over 70% of your gains will come from the kitchen. You need to eat foods such as steak, rice and olive oil. These are your main food sources for weight loss and muscle growth.

Step 4. Get deep sleep. The truth is that you grow the most when you are asleep. This means that you need ideally 8 hours per night.

Step 5. Allow enough time between workouts for your muscles to rest. Don’t work out the same muscle two days in a row. The goal should be to work out a muscle 2 times per week. For example I workout my biceps on Tuesday and then again on Friday.

Step 6. If your goal is to get shredded: Make sure your calorie intake is lower then your calorie use. This will make sure the body will pull from the fat in your body and slowly burn it up. Only reduce like 3 hundred calories a day. Any more and your body will start using your muscles for fuel.

So there is all my advice. Six tips that definitely will help you to lose all that ugly fast and build sexy muscle. You now have no excuses to go out and get the body that everyone admires. However despite learning this new information too many of you guys will do nothing about it. You will simply stay on the couch and keep whining to your mates about how its too tough to have a body like the guys in the movies and how unfair it is that women prefer guys with lean. Become one of the few that do as opposed to the many that talk. You have enough information now to really go out there and change your body. Who knows, maybe in a few years guys will be coming to you asking for advice on how to lose weight and gain muscle.

Joel Simons is an author, coach and motivator. He is an expert in fat loss and muscle building. He has a number of popular videos discussing losing fat and the fight club workout .

Get started and lose weight and get ripped today

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