8 Muscle Building Secrets For 2009

Stress on the body is an issue many looking at beefing up their bodies face and in many cases, unknowingly. While you could spend a lot of time looking for shortcuts by searching for muscle building secrets the truth is, sticking with a sensible routine which includes exercise, diet and rest will serve you much better in the long run.

Looking for shortcuts in the area of muscle building has been a long time problem and while it’s possible to achieve fast short term gain, going it alone just on the recommendation of those with little more experience than yourself is a dangerous practice.

Another fallacy is you need to continually lift heavy weights and yes, this will promote strong muscle growth but remember, there needs to be a horses for courses thinking as well. Many muscles in your body require lighter workouts and weights while others thrive on a heavier workload. Avoid working on the same group everytime you complete a routine and include sufficient rest periods in your program.

While secrets for building muscle are a dime a dozen, we’ve compiled eight commonsense things you need to be observing to lay a solid foundation for safe and sensible exercising.

8 Muscle Building Secrets You Need To Know

1. When starting a weight training program you must realize that it is extremely important that you take timeoff after a hard training session. Every time you lift weights you are tearing microscopic muscle fibers. You build muscle when you rest and when you give these muscle fibers time to rest.

2. You must rest at least every other day when starting a weight training program. Working less in some situations can help you build more muscle than if you work more.

3. Stretching is extremely important when you are starting to lift weights. It is vital that you stretch before a workout as well as after a workout. You can severely damage your muscles if you do not take the time to warm up and stretch properly. Your muscles are extremely delicate and it is important that you prepare them for weight lifting by stretching. Damaging your muscles is horrible because it can take months for them to fully heal.

4. In any successful muscle building program you must keep track of the exercises you do. This way you can increase the number of repetitions that you do and also the amount of weight you lift during each repetition.

5. Some people even take a pad of paper with them when they work out so they can write exactly what they do. As a result, the next time you work out you will know exactly what you did the last time.

6. It is usually more beneficial to you if you work out for a shorter period of time at a higher intensity.There is no need to go to the gym for hours upon hours every day because you really only need an intense hour to get the job done.

7. One of the secrets for building muscle is that it’s ok to lift lighter weights. Lifting lighter weights with more repetitions is the same as lifting a heavier weight only a few times. This way there is less strain on your muscles and your workout is more enjoyable.

8. It is important that you keep a positive attitude about your training sessions. Many people dread going to the gym because of the physical toughness that it takes. When you go to the gym you should think about how great you are going to feel after you go. You could even think about how great your body is going to look in a few short weeks.

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