A Fast Muscle Building Training Regimen

If you want to get your body ripped for the summer holidays, then you need to ensure that you go on a fast muscle building training regimen. The summer is around the corner and you have no idea how you are going to transform your body physique. This should not worry you because I will give you a step by step fast muscle building training regimen which will work miracles in terms of altering your body physique for the summer holidays.

This is not just another fast muscle building ploy. If you carefully follow the routines proposed, you will be able to increase your body muscles. Most people are not able to attain a total transformation of there body physique because the fast muscle building exercise routines they use are so absurd.

Essentials of a quality fast muscle building training regimen

For fast muscle building progress to be possible there are certain essential elements you need to include in your training regimen. They include;

1. The workout needs to be quite intense

When you are performing a particular set, you should ensure that you maintain the tension all through. The best way to achieve this is by preventing the muscles from locking out. Fast muscle building progress is only possible if you maintain this kind of training during any given set. When you pause during exercises such the barbell press it will become very difficult to achieve fast muscle building progress.

2. You need to slow down your pace when doing eccentric movements

Many people tend to think that muscle hypertrophy only takes place when they are doing positive motions. The eccentric phase also known as the negative phase is that part of the lift when the bodybuilder is lowering the weight. For fast muscle building progress you need to ensure that you take at least 30 seconds when performing the eccentric phase. The eccentric phase of the lift is very capable of creating a lot of tension to the muscle tissues which is a prerequisite when it comes to fast muscle building.

3. You need to slow down the pace of the concentric phase

This is the part of the lift where you are bringing up the weight. Muscle hypertrophy occurs during the concentric phase even more than the eccentric phase. Therefore you need to give adequate attention to the positive phase for your fast muscle building progress to be effective. When performing the concentric phase many bodybuilders tend to rush this phase but it is understandable since it is the most difficult phase of a lift. When you perfect this part of the lift you will be able to train using good form through the entire fast muscle building training regimen.

4. Warm up exercises

A lot of people struggling to achieve fast muscle building progress have succumbed to gym injuries because they failed to warm up first prior to the actual exercise. The good thing about warming up is that it enables your muscle joints to become flexible and therefore you are less prone to get gym injuries.

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