A Look At The Advancement Of Bodybuilding Throughout The Years

Bodybuilding existed as far back as 1880. By late 1930s, it had developed to the level of being recognized as a competitive sport. One of the most famous icons of bodybuilding during the 1930s is Eugene Sandow. In fact, this man is often referred to as the father of modern bodybuilding. He was very serious with workouts and this is why he succeeded in making science out of bodybuilding.

Eugene is the man credited with the designing and introduction of the first exercise and dumbbell equipment. His body physique soon became a standard through which an accomplished bodybuilder would be judged.

The most important bodybuilding contest in the modern bodybuilding arena is Mr. Olympia which was introduced in 1965. This is a highly publicized event that draws competitors from all over the world. The competition had many fundamental flaws that were corrected in the 1980s. The feminine dimension of bodybuilding came to the fore through the introduction of Miss Olympia.

As the quest for stronger bodies continues, new insights into bodybuilding are being established. In its present form, bodybuilding is a fully-fledged discipline that calls for a lot of discipline and dedication. The ultimate aim is to win competitions, gain more muscle mass, lose weight and maintain a lean, attractive physique.

The rules that govern bodybuilding keep on changing every year. Although bodybuilding has been widely associated with drugs and supplements, there are many laws that today restrict use of illegal anabolic steroids and enhancing substances. In fact, one of the reasons why bodybuilding has never been accepted into the Olympic Games arena is that officials are unsure whether a level ground will ever be maintained. The reason for their reservations is that any internationally acclaimed bodybuilders are steroid user. Their participation in the Olympics would therefore tarnish the name of the sport.

Lack of frames of judgment has not deterred bodybuilders from trying to claim important internationally acknowledged titles. What matters most is the size and shape of body muscles. The size has to be very exceptionally large and the shape ought to be very appealing. These standards are very difficult to set. In such a case, there is a need for bodybuilders to consult a physician for check-ups on their health conditions.

Although patience is a fundamental quality that every bodybuilder must cultivate, there is need for bodybuilders not to exercise beyond what their bodies can tolerate. This is so especially at the beginning. With time, as results start to trickle in, the bodybuilder’s level of endurance goes higher. Throughout the history of bodybuilding, a good starting point for bodybuilders is during teen years.

Young bodybuilders should adopt a lower frequency of training since their muscles are not as developed as those of adults. Compound exercises also require the guidance of a coach or an adult. Keeping a balanced between intensity and consistency is the greatest challenge for young people. Some of the bodybuilding routines that have undergone many changes for the better include rowing, deadlifts, shoulder press and squats.

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