Ab Exercises – The Long Road

The truth is, doing ab exercises may actually be hurting your six-pack ab results, therefore, instead of solely doing ab exercises, we must rev up our metabolism and stick with healthy eating to get ripped abs.

It has always been thought that ab exercises are key to achieving six pack abs. However, exercises like crunches, core movements and sit-ups train mostly the hip flexor muscles instead of the abdominal muscles, leading to muscle imbalances. Other exercises place us in odd, awkward back positions that may cause potential injury.

Ab exercises don’t have any effect on having ripped abs. To have ripped abs, we need to increase our metabolism. Resistance training as well as interval training have produced very quick results when it comes to burning fat.

When we train with resistance or intervals, we place demands on our body, which causes our muscles to react by increasing its metabolic activity. When our muscles require energy, our body will seek any excess fat and utilize it as fuel resulting in fat burning and utilizing the excess fat in our belly.

A beneficial side effect of interval and resistance training is an increase in metabolism, which allows for extended fat burning even several hours after the training session.

Our diet is important in that we can fuel our bodies with quality food and allow our body to burn calories more efficiently. By eating food that is balanced in lean protein and complex carbohydrates, we can energize our body to easily burn the calories we consume. Avoiding sugar snacks, sodas, fast foods and fatty foods will allow our body to not store the excess calories as fat and help us watch our caloric intake.

Eating smaller portion meals and increasing the number of meals we eat per day to 5-6 meals, will help us stabilize our blood sugar levels and help maintain our energy throughout the day. This way we will have enough energy to burn as well as optimize how our body will burn excess body fat.

Ab exercises may be hurting your six pack ab results so the best way to avoid muscle imbalances and injuries and to achieve ripped abs is to increase metabolism through interval and resistance training and to practice healthy eating.

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