Ab Machines Do Not Work For Six Pack Abs

Ab machines are not effective. Ab machines do not work for your abs functionally. They can cause muscle imbalances by not targeting the proper muscles and may cause potential injury. To get ripped abs, we must consider our nutrition and increasing the metabolic activity in our body.

There are ab machines that support the back and the neck, while training the abdominal muscles. However, while the abs are being trained, the neck and back are not being trained. The result of which can cause strength imbalances in the muscles and cause back pain.

Some ab machines place our body in positions that may cause injury while doing the exercise. Some machines target the hip flexor muscle group rather than the abs.

To achieve six pack abs, we should focus on our diet. Instead of eating 3 large portioned meals per day. We should eat 5-6, smaller portioned meals throughout the day. This way we can maintain our energy level throughout the day and keep our blood sugar stabilized.

Consuming lean protein and complex carbohydrates allows our body to utilize those calories with greater efficiency and increase fat burning. Also by cutting out sugar snacks, fatty foods, fast foods and carbonated beverages we are better able to control the calories that we eat and keep our body from converting the extra calories that we consume into fat.

Stress makes our body store excess body fat in the belly area. When we are in a stressful situation, our body stores fat in our belly because of the hormone Cortisol, which is released during stress.

The increased muscle mass that results from resistance and interval training will kick start our body to become efficient at fat burning and utilize any excess body fat that we have to fuel our activities.

Ab machines do not work for your abs functionally. Ab machines can cause injury and cause imbalances in our muscles, which can lead to further injury. If we want to get ripped abs, we must make changes in our nutrition and increase our metabolism.

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