Arm Muscle Building Tips

There are many different exercises that you will be able to use if you are interested in building your arm muscles. There are many tips that you will find available to you while you are working on your arm building workout. Biceps and triceps exercises are the ones that will help your arms get bigger and build the muscles in your arms.

The first one that you may already be familiar with are bicep curls. The experts in muscle building recommend that you use a five, ten or fifteen pound weight for these exercises. When you are standing straight, push the forearm out in front of you while keeping the upper part of your arm, close to your body. Curl the arm up toward you.

There are some other bicep curl exercises that you can do as well. Hammer curls are one that will work on your forearms. Reserve curls will work on your muscles that are under the biceps which will make the biceps bigger. Wide grip and close grip curls also target the bicep muscles.

Wide grip curls as well as close grip curls are used to work on the biceps muscles. The single cable arm curls are used to increase the tension in the arm and build up the biceps muscles. And the preacher curl is a common method of building on your biceps muscles as well.

Many people use push ups to build the muscles in the arms. You can do a variation of this exercise called a push down. Start the exercise from a plank position and push down. Hold the position for a few seconds then push back up.

Triceps exercises are also used to build the size of the arm muscles. Triceps dips are done from the edge of a chair in a sitting position. Lift yourself up from the chair using your arm muscles, hold the position and lower yourself back down on the chair.

There are a number of exercises that can be used for the triceps muscles. The triceps press is one that has many different variations that you can use in your workout. Look for lying dumbbell triceps extensions, seated triceps press and triceps extensions to add variety to your workout.

Don’t forget your hands when you are working out your arm muscles. Exercise your hands with hand grippers.

Don’t forget to add your hands and forearms to your workout as well. You should use a hand gripping exercise to work these parts of your muscles. Most people use an eight to ten repetition of the exercises for a good workout in the arms. Any repetition that you are comfortable with will work well for you.

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