Different types of muscle building regimens

When you first begin your workout routine, trainers will show you the two basic types of muscle workouts that will point you to muscle building. There are many paths which will lead you to the muscle building destination you want to go. If you want to go for the beefed up look, there are multiple ways to attain that body. Below are some of the basics.

Routines-Single Sets

For the beginners the single set routines are those that people start out with in the initial phase. The single set routine is highly effective in building up a respectable amount of muscle mass in the initial phase of the workout regimen. Muscle building cannot get any easier. The single set workout requires the user to execute one set per exercise. It tunes the body for the weight training schedule and helps the player to move on to higher levels.

For the experienced weight lifter this muscle builder is useful in building up mass whenever needed. The experienced weight lifter can use this single set routine without doing splits (i.e. working each and every muscle group in every workout). The single set keeps the muscle groups lean and charged up leading to effective muscle building.

The Multipule Set Routines

These multiple sets differ from the single sets by aiming at more effective muscle building. This workout requires lifters to execute multiple sets of the single exercise, say, 3 sets of 10 reps of preacher curls with little resting in between.

Generally it is recommended that if you want to build up muscles then it is better that you lift medium or light weights while doing the multiple set regimens. When you workout with lighter weights it may not help in increasing the strength of the body but it certainly does help in muscle building mass in the long run. The general number of repetition per set usually varies from eight to fifteen. As for the number of sets to be done; three is the best number to go for as it has been time tested to be the most effective for both beginners and the veterans. As a lifter progresses he can definitely increase the number of sets in his exercise schedule.

Pyramid Routines

The Pyramid Routines are type of intensity builders that aim at increasing the intensity of the workout to a greater degree. Pyramid Routines employ the use of sets at different levels of the same weight training exercise so as to form a perfect pyramid. For example in this type of muscle building training you can start with a lighter weight and do 12 reps with it. In the next step, lift a medium weight and do 8 reps with it.

For the next set choose a heavier weight and only do 4 reps; then you will have to work your way down to the bottom of the pyramid by working in reverse order. This will give excellent results in your muscle building efforts.

Pyramid routines have the maximum effectiveness in muscle building as the body is exposed to various amounts of stresses. In this routine if the main goal for the lifter is to gain more muscle mass, the routine should be focused on the pyramid routines as it is the most regularly used methodin the muscle building field for gaining mass.

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