Don’t Buy No Nonsense Muscle Building Program Without Reading This Review First!

If like me, you find it hard to gain lean muscle mass, Vince Del Monte’s “No-Nonsense Muscle Building: Skinny Guy/Gal Secrets to Insane Muscle Gain” might hold the answer to your quest for a better body.

Vince DelMonte, the author, wrote No Nonsense Muscle Building after discovering how Hardgainers like himself could bodybuild effectively. The principles he shared in the book were the same ones he used to go fom 149 lbs. to 198 lbs. within 6 months.

The program is especially written for hardgainers or skinny / underweight people struggling to pack on muscles. It’s suitable for both men and women, whether in their teens, over 50’s, or in between.

So What’s So Good About No-nonsense Muscle Building?:

1. The program is designed to give the best possible results while requiring you to invest less time in the gym.

2. One of the best things I like about No Nonsense Muscle Building is the No B.S., straightforward and practical approach. With this program, there’s no guesswork – you get exactly what you need to be doing step by step. Simple.

3. It reveals shocking truths about the lies and deceptions we are being fed by the weight loss and diet industries.

4. It shows you how to build muscles naturally – without the use of drugs or expensive supplements. (You’ll save loads of money!)

5. It has a full chapter dedicated to arming you with all the motivation, discipline and mental training that you need to make sure you reach your goals no matter how hard things get.

6. Probably the best thing I like about it is its practicality and the step by step, concrete action plans.

7. Saying all that, what really sold it to me was the 8 weeks no-questions-asked guarantee 😉

So does it really work? Here’s my personal experience with No Nonsense Muscle Building Program so far:

Prior to discovering No Nonsense Muscle Building, I was working out for 10 hours per week. To be fair, my workouts were random and had no real structure or system even though I was subscribed to 2 bodybuilding magazines. My diet wasn’t “strict” either.

While my arms and legs were thin, I wouldn’t class myself as thin because I didn’t struggle to put on FAT – I easily gained belly flab by eating junk, but I did struggle to put on muscle, especially on my arms and legs.

When I applied the Program, I cut down my workout time to 5 hours a week but within 4 weeks I gained 5 kg of muscles. I never had this much success before, so I was really pumped up (my girlfriend seemed more pleased than I was though!). I’m going to put up my progress report in my blog so keep checking

So far these are what worked for me:

1. Do Compound or whole body exercises to engage and develop your bigger muscles.

2. Work really hard and push yourself to your limits. Stop socializing in the gym and have a focused session every time.

3. Many underweight people are so because they don’t eat enough. I learned how I wasn’t eating ENOUGH of the right foods. I think getting my diet right was one of the major reasons why I gained so much muscle in a short time.

4. I don’t need supplements! I used to spend 120 a month (at least) on supplements but saw no results. Now look at my progress – 5 kg (11 lbs) of solid muscles in 4 weeks! It just proves that you don’t really need supplements to grow.

So What Are The Cons?

The “bad” news about No Nonsense Muscle Building is that it does require a lot of dedication, commitment, consistency, persistence and hard work. A buff body doesn’t come in a pill or magic potion, and whoever tells you that it does is trying to scam you.

Yes it’s sad but it’s also true that there are no magic potions or pills that can miraculously transform your body. This program is suited for those who are willing to do what’s necessary to achieve their best body ever. It may be hard, but it works.

When you first receive the entire package (see below), you could get overwhelmed by all the information. Don’t panic, just learn one principle at a time and apply that right away before seeking to learn even more.

The Verdict

9 stars out of 10!

Considering all the e-books, support, coaching, bonuses, the time you’ll save working out at the gym, all the money you’ll save from supplements, buying this success kit poses no-risk and is an absolute steal in my opinion. Plus, the No-Questions-Asked 8 Week Guarantee pretty much seals the deal.

Here are just some of what you’ll get with Vince delMonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building. For a Full list, visit

201-page “No-nonsense Muscle Building” Ebook for Men or The “No-nonsense Body Shaping” for Women – with Unlimited Updates.

29-Week Step-by-Step “Intensive Workout Program” (Beginner-Intermediate Level)

The 29-Week Step-by-Step “Max Power Workout Program” for Advanced Level

No-nonsense Muscle Building DVD

The Hardgainers Secret Weapon (84 Day Healthy Meal Plans)

To see the FULL package, Visit or

To see before and after pics and read stories of successful No Nonsense Muscle Building users, click here. To grab your own kit and start your muscle building program now, go to or if you want the DVDs version of No Nonsense Muscle Building, go to

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