Expelling Myths: True Muscle Building Food

If you have ever walked into a health food store or a sporting goods shop, you have very likely come across what is called “muscle building food”. Muscle building food generally refers to a number of different random assortments of ingredients that some people believe increases the amount that your muscles grow after a workout.

Sometimes muscle building food can refer to herbs and minerals that are loosely associated with muscle growth. Other times muscle building food can simply be a mess of vitamins that are known to be needed by your muscles. Whatever the ingredients, one question remains: Does muscle building food make it more likely you will increase the size of your muscles?

Muscle Size and Nutrition

The truth about muscle building food is that there are only two things you need to eat when you complete your workout:

1. Protein
2. Carbohydrates

That’s it. Those two ingredients are really the only thing your muscles need in order to grow stronger. In fact, your muscles themselves only truly need protein, but that will be discussed later.


Protein is the only true muscle building food. After a workout, your muscles have grown significantly larger and built up a great deal of extra cells that gives them the appearance of being bigger than they had been before. These cells cause tears in your muscles (which is a good thing, not a bad thing).

Protein helps heal those tears faster, as well as ensures that the new cells you have created do not die away from lack of nutrition. The result is that the faster you eat protein after your workout (literally less than one minute after your workout is great, but the sooner the better), the more of the size of your muscles you can keep.

Now, many “muscle building food” supplements actually contain protein. So while there may be other ingredients that may be less than necessary, if you can find a tub of pure protein, this may actually be beneficial – however, you should be aware that it is the protein that is so effective, not any of the other ingredients.


Carbohydrates are less necessary than proteins, and if you do eat them after a workout, you are probably still going to gain the muscle you want. But carbohydrates are still important for energy, and by getting some healthy carbohydrates in your diet as well, you are more likely to be mobile throughout your day which will mean that your muscles are still getting some extra “oomph”. It may not be muscle building food like protein, but it is still useful.

When it comes to what is truly muscle building food, the only thing you need is as much pure protein as you can pump into your body. Luckily, most of these people that advertise muscle building food are actually advertising a giant jug of protein, so they are still considerably useful. But as long as you get the protein – whether it be from these supplements or simply from drinking a lot of non-fat milk – you are going to be able to see real changes in your overall muscle mass.

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