Finding Muscle Building Routines That Really Work to Make You Massive

Looking for the right muscle building routine can be pretty challenging. There are a lot of things to consider: your lifestyle, your genes, your health, and your diet. Of course, you can’t go on a muscle building routine and a diet that takes up all of your time. Everyone has to earn his/her keep more than they need to exercise in this planet. And since the days when those two can easily go hand in hand effortlessly are gone, on needs to marry the two ideas together and form a fitness and lifestyle compromise.

Plot out your work schedule

When you’re planning your muscle building routine, you would want to work around your work schedule. Very few of us can move around uninteresting appointments just to spend two hours in the gym. To comfortable inject your workout into your lifestyle, you need to look at your weekly schedule. Figure out which of your hours are spent on leisure, and which are spent on work.

Next, you should prioritize your exercise over socialization, at least while you’re still trying to lose weight, and give up the parties you can afford not to attend. As much as possible, set aside an hour or two a day just for some light to moderate exercise. The good news is, aside from letting you form your muscles well, regular exercise also helps relieve stress from your body.

Stages of muscle building

You can’t start building muscles without first losing all your body’s excess fat. Strength training, with all the layers of excess fat over your muscles, will only make you look bulkier. It might lessen the flab a bit, but it’s still bound to look like a flab unless you work on it.

The first 12 sessions of your muscle building routine is bound to be heavy on cardiovascular exercises. Cardios, it must be noted, is the fastest, most efficient way to fight off body fat in general. Since body fat can’t be eliminated by working only specific sections of the body, cardiovascular activities, which hasten the heart rate, will help the body burn fat efficiently.

The intermediate stages of muscle building include a fine balance of both cardiovascular exercises, and strength exercises. Make sure that you don’t work on the same muscle group for two consecutive days in a week or else you’ll suffer from an injury. Once you’re in the intermediate phase of muscle building, you can probably drop from your 1 hour cardio to a shorter but more intensive 30-minute routine.

The latter parts of muscle building involves minimal cardios, almost only for warm ups. It can include daily 2-hour strength training sessions depending on how bulky you’re trying to get. Most people retain the intermediate routine, while professional athletes trying to satisfy weight conditions try to maintain the advanced routines.

In whatever stage your body building might be, it’s important for you to give each exercise at least 24 to 48 hours in between. Make sure that you also sleep at least 7 hours every night to avoid over-fatigue.

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