Flat Stomach Exercises Are Anaerobic Exercises

Flat stomach exercises are anaerobic exercises. Training the abs directly will not give you a flat stomach. In order to effectively get ripped abs, anaerobic training is the fastest way. The anaerobic system will increase your metabolism, through interval training and regular exercise.

Exercises that train just the abs will not give you a flat stomach. Spot reduction does not work. Training our abs directly will give you strength in the abs but will not give you a flat stomach. We must burn our overall fat to make the underlying abdominal muscles visible.

Anaerobic exercises cause an oxygen debt, which is a lack of oxygen in the muscles of the body. The increased exercise activity increases the amount of carbon dioxide and lactic acid in the muscles.

During rest, the body will be working hard to replenish, repair the muscles to prepare it for the next bout of exercise. The body will also remove the waste products from the muscles.

Interval set training also creates an oxygen debt situation in the muscles. This causes the body to really increase its metabolic activity to keep providing energy to the increased physical activity, thereby increasing overall fat burning.

The muscles utilize the calories from the food we eat and when that is fully consumed, it turns to the fat stores on our body to provide the necessary energy. This fat burning process increases the body’s capacity to burn fat and keeps actively replenishing and repairing the muscles well after the exercise session has ended.

Having a regular exercise program keeps the body active in burning fat as well as efficient at providing oxygen, energy and removing waste products from the muscles. This regular training has a cumulative effect and keeps the body’s metabolism high as well as strong and healthy.

Flat stomach exercises are basically anaerobic exercises. To get the fastest results, we must train with anaerobic exercises by increasing our metabolism through interval training and regular exercise.

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