Get Lean, Build Muscle ” Bulk Up And Get Ripped At The Same Time?

“How can I get lean and build muscle at the same time?” I’m asked this all the time. It seems like that is the prevailing question today. People want to add that extra bit of muscle, but that spare tire needs to go at the same time.

There are really only a few ways to accomplish the task of getting lean and building muscle, assuming you already have a good workout plan:

1. Increase your calories and especially your protein every day. That’ll start the process of gaining muscle fast. Once you’ve reached the size you want, start cutting back on the calories to reveal the new muscle underneath.

2. Get rid of the fat first, and then build the muscle by eating more and working out hard. Then you can go back in and get rid of the little bit of fat you’ve added back on.

3. Watch what you eat closely, along with body fat percentage. Add in intervals to the workout to stay lean.

Each of these approaches has benefits and drawbacks. Let’s look at them…

Method 1: We’ll assume you’re looking to add more than a pound or two here… What you want to do is to increase your calorie intake (and especially protein) so that you start gaining weight, and work out like crazy to make as many of those calories turn into muscle as possible. Once you reach the size you want, cut back the calories so that you are below “maintenance” and put more emphasis in your workout on fat burning to get rid of the “padding.” So here you’re going to bulk up fast, then you need to trim down.

Method 2: With this method, you’re going to emphasize burning fat first to get lean, and then you add the extra calories to pack on muscle. The downside to this is that you will have to do some more fat burning on the back end, because you just can’t convert every extra calorie to raw muscle. And of course you want to add on that muscle right now, right?

Method 3: Ithink this works best for a lot of people. You have to add extra calories to your diet to grow, but just don’t pig out! Watch your body fat percentage. Cut back a bit if it starts to climb, and eat a bit more if you’re not making enough progress. Start with 500 calories a day and watch it. Then, of course, you’ll go through that last fat burning phase to get ripped. Along the way, throw in some high intensity interval training to help burn off any excess calories. You go a bit slower with this method, but you’ll look better along the way.

if you want to get lean and build muscle at the same time, you need to eat enough good food to build muscle, and then you need to cut back and change the workout a bit to get lean. Pretty simple stuff; don’t let anyone tell you different.

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