Get Muscles Like A Movie Star: How To Get Ripped Like Taylor Lautner, Daniel Craig, or Brad Pitt

You know the guys in the movies that have the really hot bodies. They’re Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Robert Downey Jr., Daniel Craig, and especially Taylor Lautner. You want to look like that.

But if you go work out in the gym and follow “standard” directions, you’ll look like Rocky or Arnold instead. Not the look you’re after. So how can you get ripped?

First of all, what exactly is Hollywood movie star ripped? It’s a lean but finely muscled body, with great definition but without the kind of bulk that body builders are going for.

You’ve been admiring those pecs and abs on the screen for a while now, and you may have been wondering why none of the guys in the gym look anything like it. They’re working out all the time. And if you go there, they’ll happily fill you in on the routine.

But you’re wondering… If I follow their directions, could I end up looking like the guys in the gym? You can bet on it.

So what’s wrong with their look? They’re bulky and unbalanced. Many of them have a big behind and balloon legs. That’s definitely not the effect you’re after.

What’s worse – that chiseled chest you want? They don’t have it. Most of them have droopy chests. And a lot of them have a stunning amount of flab, considering all the work they do to get what they consider ripped.

How come? They are so focused on gaining muscle that they don’t care where the extra muscle mass ends up. So they add their muscle in all the wrong places, and the effect is that they end up looking unattractive – both in the gym and especially once they wear clothes.

Yes, there’s such a thing as too much muscle, especially if those muscles are in the wrong place. A much better look is slim yet chiseled.

What about women? They much prefer that chiseled look too. In fact, they’re mostly quite repulsed by the overdone bulky gym look.

So what to do?

Yes, you’ll need to work out with weights, and you’ll need a gym, but stay away from the personal trainers, or you’ll get the typical “gym look.” Instead, find a resource that will guide you through a special sequence of muscle building exercises that result in muscles that are strong and dense, with the right size.

You also want your skin to look like it is practically shrink-wrapped around your lean well-defined muscles. It takes some careful coordination of your efforts to get the right look.

So where can you get that movie star look? To find out and get the scoop on why traditional workouts aren’t going to get you the results and what to do instead, just CLICK HERE!

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