How should I Really Get Six Pack Abs?

If you are anything like me you have watched movies where the movie star is so ripped, that it actually motivated you to hit the floor and do 1000 crunches in hopes of getting the same six pack they have. The following day you did another 1000 crunches and ran 5 miles per day for the last few months in order to burn fat, yet aren’t seeing results, right?

Well, this approach is the most common at least. It’s the most common, but also not the most effective way to get ripped six pack abs. Obviously it’s going to make some difference, but not enough difference to get you ripped and lean like you want.

What I’m about to say might shock you, but you should quit doing the long cardio and situps in order to get lean abs. You should be performing highly intense and short workouts to help increase your muslce mass and boost your basal metabolic rate instead. Your abs are already there, you just nee to lose the fat covering them up at the moment.

So, you have to burn the fat off first! To do this you should engage in high intense resistance training. This is 20 minutes of circuit like weight training, usually done with your bodyweight or small dumbbells or resistance bands. The reason you need to do this is to build more lean muscle, which will help boost your metabolism.

These kinds of workouts will also be energetically expensive and require you to use more of your stored energy (fat) in order to bring back your body to a normal state, thus leaving you with up to 48 hours of intense after burn. This afterburn is where the fat loss happens!

If you look online you’ll find a series of programs using this kind of method to burn off excess stomach fat. They will detail the exercises, sets, reps and even rest times that you need to burn the most fat in the shortest amount of time possible. Get the best results by following one of these proven plans and get ripped following it.

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