How to Easily Get Ripped Six Pack Abs

There really are no shortcuts when it comes to getting that ripped six pack abs. You have to put in the man hours in working that midsection; not to mention, cutting back on some major calories and just keep on going when things get tough. But there are ways and means on how you can speed up this process considerably. And we are talking about organic ways and means here. So quit the supplements for now, and do not even consider surgical procedures just yet. You can get your own set of ripped six pack abs in six months, in 3 months and even in 1 month, depending on how you train. Here are some tips how.

1. Lose the lifesaver. Belly fat is the hardest fat to melt away and one of the biggest hindrances when it comes to getting ripped six pack abs. You need to seriously lose that lifesaver around your midsection first before you can subscribe to any abdominal exercises. Try to reach your “appropriate” weight by checking it against your height, and start from there. In the same vein, if you are extremely underweight, you need to bulk up on muscles (not fat) first. Get a dietician, nutritionist or health care provider to help you get to your target weight through dieting.

2. Start any exercise regimen, if you haven’t already. Try not to concentrate on abdominal exercises only. It may sound counterintuitive, but by focusing on your abs and neglecting your other muscles groups, you are actually delaying your progress towards your own ripped six pack abs. Get into top physical shape, and things will be a lot easier. Once you get into peak performance order, then you can subscribe to a number of intensified exercises dedicated to working all the abdominal muscles all at the same time.

3. Plan your meals carefully around your exercise regimen. This is one trick that most professional body builders do in order to get a more defined ripped six pack abs. If you are following a 5-meals-a-day or 6-meals-a-day diet, make sure that you get slow energy releasing carbohydrates just an hour (or less) before your workout. Slow energy releasing carbohydrates allow you to work your muscles more intensely without the usual feeling of muscular fatigue. If you are underweight, and may be on a high protein diet, make sure you supplement your meals with one or more type of slow energy releasing foods like: whole grains, brown rice, any form of brown whole grain breads and whole fruits.

It should be noted that people who are a bit over their appropriate weights should not go on a high protein diet at this time.

After your workout, your body would then need fast energy releasing carbohydrates to sustain the muscles. You can either take freshly made fruit juices, or eat a small portion of pasta. For underweight people, you might want to take protein shakes to supplement your diet, and even a small amount of candy. Sugar is the fastest energy releasing carbohydrate. But it is important to keep this amount at its minimum to avoid packing on the pounds.

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