How To Get Abs Faster Than Your Friends

A lot of folks who opt to exercise at home without proper workout programs soon learn that expensive gadgets and products aimed at isolating the abdominal muscles don’t do much in getting rid of the fat around the belly. They realize too late that the wonder products in those late night infomercials are just gimmicks designed to take advantage of people’s desperation to get six-pack abs quickly.

The human body is designed to store surplus energy from food in the form of fat cells. These are stored mainly around our lower body- our bellies, butts and thighs. This is the main reason eliminating beer bellies and love-handles have been a source of consternation for fitness aficionados since the early days of bodybuilding.

In fact, the muscles around our midsection aren’t any harder to develop than say, the chest or the biceps. It just seems that way because belly fat is the most stubborn- always the last to go because of the body’s predisposition to store excess fat there.

Knowing the proper exercises to do, eating the right foods at the right time of the day, and leading a healthy lifestyle can be effective weapons in the fight against The Flab and can drastically reduce the time it takes to attain six-pack abs.

Donning sweats, grabbing a towel and going about the gym blindly doing reps on the ab machine is not the way to get abs quickly. Neither is limiting your food intake to diet shakes and tasteless crackers and boiled egg whites- this serves only to give you sense of feeling deprived, increasing the risk of going on a binge.

Fitness experts specializing in fat-loss all agree that incorporating total body cardio exercises into regular weight-training is the best workout scheme optimal for burning body fat. Remember that loss of body fat means less belly fat ergo, sexy six pack abs.

Another way to accelerate belly fat burn is to compliment your workout regimen with healthy eating habits. Timing your consumption of the different food types (proteins, carbs, etc.) can aid the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and keep it from packing on the pounds from body fat.

A lot of people have the notion that cutting-back on food intake by skipping meals is the fastest way to lose weight and flatten the tummy. This can in fact be detrimental to losing belly fat because the human body purposely slows down metabolism in order to conserve calories when we start to go hungry. It’s actually better to avoid from going hungry and eating just enough whenever we feel like it.

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