How to Get Ripped Quickly

Everyone that has ever been to the beach has had the desire to get ripped. The ability to show off some clean cut muscles is an incredible source of pride, and although few people negatively judge others who choose not to firm and tone their bodies, there is no doubt that if you are able to appear as though you are cut from head to toe, you are going to feel pretty good about yourself both in public and in private.

But to get ripped, you need to have commitment – you need to have a drive to see the end result. Even the fastest way to get ripped requires a great deal of self sacrifice and time, and no one that is going to be lazy about their workout is going to be able to see the results they want no matter what kind of workout they choose to do.

If you want to get ripped quickly, there are three things you need to do:

– You need to perform extensive cardio workouts in order to burn off calories. – You need to perform exercises on every muscle, not just the most visible ones. – You need to stick to a diet that helps these muscles retain their size.

All of these are vital if you expect to see results. You cannot simply skip one of these steps and assume that if you work harder at another aspect, you will be able to see the results you want.


Cardio workouts are very important, because the workout itself burns off a lot of calories, a healthy heart makes it easier to perform the other workouts, and a strong heart also uses a lot of calories even when you are not working out. In addition, one thing you need to realize is that truly getting ripped is not just about increasing your muscle size – it is about losing weight so that your muscles become more visible. If you have excess flab that hides your muscles beneath your skin, it does not matter how much you work out, you are still not going to see the results of your labor.


It is also important you hit every muscle in your body. Even muscles you cannot see help other muscles grow larger beneath them, and if you have ever seen anyone with ripped muscles, you can bet that underneath their visible muscles are very strong less visible muscles as well, able to push the visible muscles further towards the surface.


Finally, muscle size is not just about performing exercises – it is also about diet. Any time you use your muscles you are increasing your strength, but strength is not directly correlated with muscle size. In fact, if you want your muscles to be larger and more visible, you need to make sure that you eat boatloads of protein, because protein makes muscles appear larger – and again, most of getting ripped is about visual appearance, not just about strength.

Those are the three things you need to do if you want to get ripped quickly. Work on all your muscles, perform cardio workouts, and eat all of the protein you can. If you do that, you will see results in record time.

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