Mario Lopez Diet And Ab Workout Routine – How to Get Ripped like Mario

If you’re looking to get ripped 6-pack abs then you will want to look into the Mario Lopez diet and abs workout routine as this is the actual facts you’ve been seeking to help you get cut.

Are you searching for Mario’s workout routine? Then, you will want to read every single word in this article because, it’s the exact details you been looking for. Perhaps like so many others, you have seen Mario’s ripped six pack abs and his razor-sharp muscularity on Saved by the Bell or in his recent appearance on Dancing with the Stars.

Bodyweight Exercises Are the Breakthrough Strategy of the Mario Lopez Workout Routine

One of the fundamental concepts of his workout strategy that helps them stay very very lean is that he uses a “boxing workout.” Mario is not afraid to get into the ring and box with some semiprofessional boxers. According to some articles he has boxed against Shane Mosley, Oscar De La Hoya and many other top fighters.

He recently wrote a new book called “Knockout Fitness” which goes into greater detail about his boxing workout style.This 256 page book he focuses on many exercises that you can easily perform at home. In the book, he mentions that the problem with most individuals is that they are not “willing to do the work” necessary to get in top shape.

One of the key elements that Mario uses is the muscle confusion principle, he consistently changes up his training routine. This is one of the secrets of his exercise program, by doing this he is continually adding additional muscle size.Staying lean and maintaining his current muscle size is his current objective. Mario, focuses on developing wide shoulders and maintaining a small lean waist.

Bear in mind, that Mario has some genetic gifts. Because because he has a small waist and at V tapered body, Mario can simply focus on training his upper body, mostly his shoulders and chest muscles. One of the advantages of having a short upper arm is that Mario can very easily build up his biceps.

Lopez, has also written a healthy cooking guide that he calls “Extra Lean.” Eating healthy is a critical component if you’re trying to get in lean conditioning. If we are to try to lose weight just by exercising, we would have a very hard time, even if we train as much as Mario. In the cookbook Mario wrote 40 plus recipes and 1200 to 1300 calorie meal plans consisting mainly of veggies and lean meat cuts. This book gives you some solid and truthful advice about dieting. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill in the Mario Lopez diet, it consists of eating clean and healthy foods and working out consistently.

You don’t need a gym membership to do the Mario Lopez workout routine and diet program, this is something you can do at home with very little equipment. His workout program consists of cardio training, bodyweight exercises, and working out with the medicine ball for his abdominal muscles. If you will work out that way and follow a healthy diet that incorporates mostly lean meats, vegetables, fruits and salads you will clearly achieve a ripped and muscular body just like Mario.

If you are looking for a safe and effective workout that you can do at home then check out the Mario Lopez Workout or you may want to take a look at the Ryan Reynolds Workout

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