Motivational Guide For Improved Bodybuilding Training

Family members, relatives and close friends influence a body builder in various ways. They may form a solid support network constantly encouraging and motivating the body builder to invest more energy and resources into bodybuilding. They can reassure the body builder in times of discouragement, they can lighten up dull moments when a body builder has hit a low point, they can assist maintain the rigorous schedule and diet that would otherwise have been impossible if left to the body builder himself or herself. At other times however, these significant others become an obstruction to body building success. They make it hard to keep a consistent workout regime, they induce the body builder to abandon strict diets and even prompt him or her to quit the efforts all together.

They can form an obstacle that bars a bodybuilder from achieving any gains whatsoever from a bodybuilding program. Another key influence that can both be positive and negative is the institutional one. Institutional influence occurs in such environments as schools, colleges, work places, clubs and other social institutions, which require their members to attend regular bodybuilding workouts. This influence is usually positive and essential in enforcing discipline in a bodybuilder. Nevertheless, being a “forced” workout schedule, gains are usually marginal for the members are rarely committed to effective exercises.

The bodybuilder must be aware of the levels of influence in his or her life. When all possible sources of influence have been identified, then the next step should be establishing objectively whether these sources of influence are either negative or positive towards the objectives of body building program.

This will help guide the bodybuilder in deciding which influence to give a chance, which to avoid and which to play down. The success of bodybuilding usually accrues when a bodybuilder can supplement his or her own drive with the supporting influence of other positively transforming individuals. Although steroids abuse and consequent banning had a lot to do with denting bodybuilding advances, the trade remains strong and vibrant. Numerous regional, continental and global contests like Mr. Olympia emerged and gave definition to professional bodybuilding. Then, female bodybuilding came, which further enlarged the bodybuilding territory. Today, bodybuilding is no longer regarded as a males-only field. Female bodybuilding success and social acceptance in the contemporary society is an exemplification of the dynamic history of bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding has become a favorite exercise even among armatures. Today even those who don’t want to contest in competitive bodybuilding comfortable undertake regulated body building programs as a means of keeping fit and developing attractive physiques. Bodybuilding is normal and common lifestyle among most societies today. Bodybuilding has surely come a long way.

In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, Bodybuilding regulatory bodies notably those in USA were determined to get bodybuilding recognized as a participating sport in the Olympics. Although it was not given official recognition, and has not yet been subscribed as an Olympic sport, the trial and continued lobbying indicates the future of bodybuilding as more defined than ever before. With world recognition as a sport, bodybuilding will have attained a prominence that Sandow and other prominent pioneers could not even have imagined.

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