Muscle Building Exercises – 8 Tips to Re-Charge Your Energy

In todays hectic lifestyle it is sometimes hard to fit in everything we need to do. But whatever you do, don’t give up your regular exercising routines. Muscle building exercises are your own private, built in energy source. The time you take to do your regular exercise routine will be given back many times over with increased energy and reduced stress.

The following 8 tips will help you get the most out of your muscle building exercises:

Use Proper Techniques
Be sure your form isolates the muscles or parts of the body you want to target. Short periods of high intensity are needed to ensure maximum muscle building.

Use A Full Range Of Motion
Don’t restrict your movement without reason. For example free weights permit your back and legs to work while a weight machine restricts your movement. Stimulating and working your muscles will help to strengthen your joints.

Mix Up Your Cadence
Slow movements will force your muscles to contract over a longer period of time and give you the maximum benefit. In sports type training, mixing up your cadence with fast an slow cycles is the way to go.

Watch Your Angles
Isolate your target muscles using the best angles to maximize the muscle exercise while minimizing the risk of injury. We all know that we should lift with our legs and not our back but it is easy to forget when we are doing a muscle building workout.

Mix Up Your Routines
Try a dumbbell press lying on an exercise ball. You will be working your abs, chest and triceps in addition to your biceps. This type of exercise may challenge you until you get used to it nut then you will find an refreshing and rewarding break from your normal routines.

Add Some Cardio
Cardio done right will increase your heart rate and strengthen both your heart and lungs. When you get into the fat burning zone you will almost feel the fat melting away. Muscle building exercises that strengthen your heart and lungs together with burning the fat is a sure formula for charging up your energy supply.

Don’t Skip The Warmup
Always start slow and give your muscles time to warm up. Stretching and mild exercise will help get the blood flowing and loosen up your muscles. Working stiff, cold muscles and joints is a sure road to injury. You need that extra blood flow to help carry the nutrients to your muscles to supply the energy needed by your workout. Without the warmup your body won’t be ready to tackle the more vigorous routines.

Alternate Days
Don’t do the same muscle building routine two days in a row. An ideal schedule may be to work on the weights on Monday, Wednesday and Friday filling in with cardio on the off days. Saturdays are good for a run or for an extra day of rest.

Don’t fall into the trap of “being too busy” to get in your muscle building exercise. Even if muscle building isn’t your primary goal, you will get so many other benefits from your workout routine and have more energy to tackle all of those other items on your must do list. Muscle building exercises are really your personal energy battery. Use it and it will never be empty.

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