Practical Muscle Building Exercises

Getting and staying in shape is something that is important for everyone to do. Definition in the muscles looks hot and sexy for men and women, and it’s up to you whether you want to keep your body lightly toned or go all out bodybuilder-style. The more muscle you want, the more dedication and motivation it’s going to take from you. There are a few muscle building exercises that should be included in every workout routine.

The first is squats. One of the best muscle building exercises you can do is the squat. Squats work out the legs and buttocks muscles and help strengthen the body and improve posture as well. To perform a squat you stand shoulder-width apart and squat down as though you were sitting in a chair.

If you are not sure how low you must go, try using a real chair as your guide; hold your squat right above the chair and avoid sitting on it. When you reach the right chair height, make sure your thighs are parallel to the floor, hold the squat, and count to five, and then stand back up. One more basic step in muscle building exercises is the bench press. Lifting weights can be an extra challenge that could help you build lean muscle mass.

For the bench press you need to lie on a support bench and take off the weight, lowering it to your chest. You will need a bench press or support bench, lie down on this and take off the weight. Lower it until your arms are locked and then push it back up and hold at the top before lowering back down again. Remember that while you do want to feel a burn you don’t want to feel pain because this means you’re pushing it too far and can cause injury to your body.

Another excellent exercise in muscle building is the military press. The military press involves a more challenging work out — weight lifting while standing up. The main difference between the two is your position while lifting — you’re on your feet with a military press and you’re on your back on a bench press. A good workout is one that challenges your limits, but never put yourself in an unsafe situation just to get your desired results.

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