Some Simple Muscle Building Tips

Some muscle building tips to perk up a training regimen are very simple and don’t need any elaborate change in exercise routine. In many cases, just a change in the training schedule could do wonders. Beginners, for instance, would think that cutting back training from four or five days to three days will jeopardize their muscle growth. The contrary is true, the pros say, for in bodybuilding the rest period will provide more benefit in terms of muscle growth.

Another simple step is to change the sequence of workout schedule. In shifting schedules, however, it is recommended that each of the muscle groups are given enough rest either by focusing on a different muscle group on certain days or using muscle groups alternately as secondary in certain workout days.

Intensifying training is among the most common muscle building tips from prize-winning bodybuilders. One way to intensify training is to exercise using drop sets, that is, gradually dropping weight off in order to force more repetitions. Doing drop sets pumps more blood into the target muscles, induces further muscle fiber tearing and eventually growth after repair of the tissues.

Training can also be intensified by switching exercises and take advantage of the variety of exercises that can be used to train the different muscle groups. Muscle building tips from experienced gym instructors almost always include switching regularly on exercises for specific muscle groups, to the extent that no workout program is done twice.

Intensity is also fostered by doing pyramid sets. This type of workout begins from a low weight and graduating to a heavier weight and/or then stepping back down. After having a complete warm up, the first pyramid step is a weight that you can lift in 12 repetitions in good form. Next comes 8 to 10 repetitions, followed by 6-8, then 4, after which the repetitions revert back up to 12 reps. The emphasize here is on the technique of slow and controlled repetitions on all sets.

Pyramids are very useful for learning the proper execution of exercises. With little or no weight at the start, form could be established after which weight could be increased until the exercise is performed with the right weight, repetitions and correct form. The thing to remember is never sacrifice form even as the repetitions are geared towards lift-completion failure.

Growth-promoting focus could be given on stubborn muscle groups by following a big compound exercise with an isolation movement. An excellent combination here, for instance, is the bench press and the flat bench flys. After completing the usual bench press, a set of dumbbell flys follow with big weights added on the second set, focusing on muscle contraction.

Other muscle building tips for exercise combinations include squats followed by leg extensions, military press and front raises, chin up and barbell curl, close grip bench and skull-crushers, and wide grip pull up or lat pull down and straight arm pull down.

Taking some time off from training also ranks among the tops muscle building tips. A week of absence in the gym would mean more time for the tear in muscle tissues to heal and grow. Gym instructors usually advise a break every two or three months.

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