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Vintage Bodybuilding: From Early Beginnings In India To Modern Day Greats Such As Schwarzenegger

Though Vintage bodybuilding may only allude to a period in the mid twentieth century, bodybuilding itself goes back a long way in time, especially the aesthetic type of bodybuilding that is supposed to date to as early as the eleventh century and which began in the distant country of India where it was normal to lift dumbbell weights made out of carved stones in a manner similar to how modern day fitness equipment is being used. What’s more, in India in those early times, there were gyms that owed their popularity to just this form of aesthetic bodybuilding and by the sixteenth century, bodybuilding had actually become a national activity in that country.

A Magnificent Obsession With Better Bodies

The thing that immediately strikes one when it concerns vintage bodybuilding is that right through the ages, man has always been obsessed in improving his body even though different methods have been used to achieve these goals. However, from these early beginning to the nineteenth century to the heady days of vintage bodybuilding, there are many gaps regarding the development of bodybuilding from its earliest days.

Nevertheless, in the middle of the nineteenth century, bodybuilding had managed to capture the imagination of the Europeans and also North Americans and even in the first of the modern Olympic Games held in the year 1896, there were two bodybuilding events included though they were different to what is being practiced in modern times.

Typical examples of early bodybuilders as recorded in the annals of bodybuilding history are the circus strongmen who were in fact the archetypal bodybuilders of those early days in America. In fact, the greatest exponent of pre-vintage bodybuilding was none other than a German called Eugen Sandow who was also a strongman in a circus who also happened to possess an extraordinary physique.

By the time Sandow passed away in 1925, the earliest forms of vintage bodybuilding had become very popular in England as well as in Europe and there was new generation of bodybuilders coming up who sported more masculine physiques and chief among such bodybuilders was Charles Atlas about whom everybody knows.

To be sure, vintage bodybuilding is best understood as being the period between 1940 and 1970 when the sport really came into its own and this was a time when competition reached its peak and movies such as Spiderman and Tarzan epitomized vintage bodybuilding in the form of actors who were once bodybuilders but who took to playing these he-man roles in such famous movies.

And, who does not know about Arnold Schwarzenegger as well as Lou Ferrigno who are also great exponents of the vintage bodybuilding styles. However, modern day bodybuilding has certainly seen many changes from the early days of vintage bodybuilding and today use of steroid abuse has become quite rampant and new workouts are also helping modern day bodybuilders achieve leaner as well as bigger and certainly stronger bodies.

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