The Best Ab Workout Is A Full Body Workout

The best ab workout is not about the abs. The media always bombards us, that in order to have ripped abs, we need to do endless crunches or use a machine that will target the abs. In fact, the best ab workout is doing overall body exercises that focus on increasing our metabolism, through resistance training, interval training, watching our diet and reducing our stress levels.

Training the abs is good to help increase the strength and stability of the abdominal and lumbar area. However, spot reduction is not effective to achieve six pack abs. By training many segments at once, we force the body to burn fat, which will help expose the underlying abs in the stomach area.

Using resistance training to train many body segments at once will help to increase the body’s metabolic activity. The resulting lean body mass causes the body to utilize and burn excess body fat to fuel the increased muscle activity.

Interval training has shown its effectiveness in increasing metabolism by forcing the body to adapt to the increased demands of the high intensity intervals. The body physiologically increases its metabolic activity to fuel the muscles for the increased physical activity. The body then searches for fuel sources and becomes efficient at burning excess body fat. Fat burning continues well after the training session has ended.

Watching our diet is another effective way to help our metabolism. By eating quality food made of lean protein and complex carbohydrates, we can effectively provide our body with the calories to fuel our physical activity. Avoiding sugar, sodas and fatty foods will help us control our caloric intake and keep from taking in too many calories. When we take in too many calories, our body will convert the excess calories into fat.

Instead of eating 3 large meals per day, we should eat 5-6 smaller portioned meals throughout the day to help us maintain our energy level for our daily activities and to keep our blood sugar levels from fluctuating up or down.

Managing our stress is another way to keep fat from being stored in our body. When we are in a stressful situation, our body produces the hormone Cortisol, which stores fat in the abdominal region of our body.

A full body workout is much more effective to get ripped abs than isolated exercises that just target the abs. By making changes to our exercise program and incorporating resistance and interval training, monitoring what we eat and managing our stress, we can truly achieve six pack abs.

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