The Best Muscle Building Diet for Massive Muscle Gains

As you are searching for the best muscle building diet for massive muscle gains you obviously realise the significance a well-structured diet has on muscle gains. It is true that without an effective eating plan your muscle building dreams will never become a reality, no matter how good your training program is.

However you should realise that there is not a one size fits all muscle building diet that will suit everyone. Instead the best muscle building diet to follow is one that will encompass certain nutritional and healthy dieting principals and will then be specifically tailored to you, your goals and your circumstances.

Firstly the best muscle building diet will tell you to eat small and regular meals. By leaving short times between your meals, as low as 2-3 hours, you will speed up your metabolism. A fast metabolism is great for gaining muscle mass as you are providing your body with a constant supply of muscle building nutrients while also increasing the rate at which you burn unwanted body fat. Also by having many smaller portion meals spread over the day instead of the usual 3 large meals you will have more chance of absorbing all of the nutrients from your food and not leaving any to waste.

Secondly the best muscle building diet will tell you what to eat at each meal. Essentially you want to eat mainly whole natural foods and stay away from things that have been manufactured. If it is wrapped in plastic and comes out of a box it is usually not natural. You will need plenty of vegetables and fruits as these are high in fibre and provide many essential vitamins and minerals required for good digestion.

Quality proteins, carbohydrates and fats are all very important in a muscle building diet (and any healthy diet in general) and the amount of each will depend on your specific body fat percentage and your goals. If your body fat percentage is already high then you should probably eat a higher percentage of protein compared to carbs and fats.

And finally the best muscle building diet is one that ensures you are consuming more energy than your body uses. This means your diet must be in a calorie surplus so that you are eating more calories than your body will burn. This will provide your body with the raw energy and fuel that is required to actually repair and build your muscles after your workout and during your recovery.

So in short the best muscle building diet is one that has been customised to you. It will follow these highly important principals of frequent and small meals containing various fruits and vegetables (hitting every colour of the rainbow is a good goal), quality proteins, carbs and fats and make sure that your daily food consumption is in a calorie surplus. By then using a killer training program this diet will be the best muscle building diet that can result in massive muscle gains.

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