The Secrets To Getting a Set of Ripped Abs

When watching the television box it is not unusual to view loads of diagrams of stomach crunch machines. We also see a lot of different types of exercises. These are all designed to assist you to perform situps and abdominal crunches with much better efficiency. Most of these devices and exercises come with all sorts of promises about achieving a marvelous set of ripped abdo muscles.

The question remains, can these pieces of equipment or programmes actually help you develop your abs? If you want to learn about the secrets of how to get ripped abs then read on to find out how.

In order to achieve a get a excellent set of stomach muscles it is of vital importance to work this collection of muscles, however, there are many ways to hasten the exercise of getting a fantastic set of abdo muscles. Achieving results quickly will maintain the stimulation to exercise high. Situps and stomach crunches stimulate the abdo muscles and thereby stimulate muscle hypertrophy. However, the abdo area consists of a number of layers of ab muscles which, if exercised in isolation, will significantly increase the rate of muscle growth rather than by concentrating on sit ups alone.

An example of an exercise is doing a sit-up with your hands placed at the back of your head. When performing the sit up touch the left knee with the right elbow and then slowly and carefully go back down and then on the following sit up touch the right knee with the left elbow and again go back down slowly. Doing these will help work on the oblique ab muscles. Stimulating these layers of muscles will boost the rate of overall stomach development.

Surprisingly, one of the best forms of exercise to help with stomach muscle development is to exercise the big powerful muscle groups within the body. The large quads muscle on the front of the upper legs and the chest muscles. Exercising these types of muscle groupings has two resulting effects. The 1st is that they stimulate the production of the bodys own natural growth hormone secretion. The 2nd is that they produce a huge amount of heat and destroy a lot of joules of energy which equates to fat loss. It is this fat burning which is going to go a long way in developing a great 6 pack.

If you are on a body building plan, the particular workouts that workout the pectoral will assist with an overall boost in muscle size and produce a general balance in musculature. Excellent exercises are bench presses, inclined press, flys and press ups. Dips are an exercise that will work the shoulder deltoid muscles as well as the chest. Along with with the leg workouts mentioned previously, the fat tissue layer will soon drop off.

There is a layer of adipose fat which lies over the underlying ab muscles. Removing this layer of fat is of great importance in order for us to visualise those underlying stomach muscles and to get that 6 pack look. It is often mistakenly believed that doing sit-ups or using these abdominal crunches appliances will remove this layer of fat. It is not possible to be rid of a band of fat focally, in one particular body area. The fat can only be got rid of globally. The only way to get this done with effectiveness is to reduce the consumption of joules of energy and to use excess calories. The latter can only be achieved by performing those large muscle group workouts, as mentioned above, and undertake a regime of aerobic exercise.

Adding all these thoughts together it is possible to increase the size of the stomach muscles and diminish the fat layer and acquire a excellent set of defined stomach muscles within as little as 12 weeks. However, it does require commitment but doing small steps on a regular basis can lead to significant gains.

Jonny writes articles about how to get ripped abs quick and looks at the Vince Delmonte Program one of the popular body building programs.

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