What Are The Best Teenage Bodybuilding Exercises?

There is a popular misconception prevailing among many people that bodybuilding is only for adults. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Bodybuilding is also for teenagers who want to have that well toned physique and improve their overall health. There are specific teenage bodybuilding exercises that they need to stick on to in order to achieve their bodybuilding goals.

In fact in many parts of the world bodybuilding among teenagers is something that is encouraged since this way they can be weaned away from bad habits. By regularly following a strict regimen of teenage bodybuilding exercises, a sense of discipline is also inculcated among them. With so many benefits it is no wonder that teen bodybuilding is finding an increasing number of takers these days.

The right age to start teenage bodybuilding exercises would be around 16 or more. Anyone younger than this age should not start weight training as it may injure them. Teenagers should also make sure that they start slow and do not push their body to the extreme limits. This may result in serious muscle injuries. The entire emphasis should be on a exercises that are aimed at all-round muscle toning and fitness.
Dumbbell hammer curls and dumbbell curls should almost always be a part of teenage bodybuilding exercises. These exercises would workout any teenager’s bicep. They on their part should be take care to do the curls in a slow, relaxed manner and concentrate on achieving an easy motion of the arms. Flat bench press is another exercise that teenagers can do, as also are dumbbell flyes. These teenage body building exercises would tone up the chest muscles along with the inner pectoral muscles.

Shoulder press is another one of the important teenage bodybuilding exercises that is helpful in working out the deltoid muscles. Teenagers can always plan a workout routine in consultation with an experienced bodybuilding trainer. They can also get in touch with their P.E instructor at their schools before embarking on a body building exercise program.

When it comes to doing teenage bodybuilding exercises, teens should remember that overnight results are not possible. It is therefore important that they workout regularly. Teenagers should remember that strength of will is an important factor when it comes to increasing strength of muscles. It is only through sticking to a regular exercise plan that they can achieve their goal of having a well toned and muscular physique.

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