What It Means To Get Ripped Fast And What It Entails

We all want that perfect figure we see on the television and in the glossy magazines. Many people imagine that it is not possible to get a lean and muscular body shape in a short amount of time.

If you saw the film 300 you will probably be impressed that many of the actors reached that level of muscle mass in a very short period of time. They did train hard but they also trained smart, if actors can do it then so can you.

Getting ripped is the process of transforming your body into a lean sculptured shape with clearly visible muscle definition and low amounts of body fat. To attain this physique you need to balance two crucial ingredients.


You need to do training, specifically muscle resistance training that targets the different groups of muscle in your body. Muscle grows larger as a result of resistance, over a period of time exercising different muscle groups with gradually heavier weights increases that muscle groups mass.

Muscle grows to become stronger as the body adapts to the increased demand on it. You need to ensure you do not work with weights too heavy for your muscles otherwise you will injure yourself and set back your progress.

Doing three sessions of muscle building work a week is enough to get the results you want, however you need to adhere to properly thought out training plan. On your days off a more aerobic exercise such as swimming is good. Swimming is the best exercise for utilising the most amounts of muscle groups, it also increases your stamina.


When training to build muscle you need to ensure your body is getting the nutrients it needs to build and repair muscle. A balance diet is recommended consisting of a good source of protein, food such as eggs are good because they contain particularly high quality protein.

Exercising burns off more calories so you need to ensure you are taking in enough calories to keep your body in good shape. Conversely you do not want to load up on calories as this will defeat your goal of getting ripped.

It is important you listen to your body when weight training, push yourself but ease off if it is getting too much. If you injure yourself you can end up setting your goals back days, weeks or even months. Attaining the ultimate ripped physique is all about balance in both diet and exercise.

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